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Passenger Care and Hospitality Volunteer

Name of Role: Passenger Care and Hospitality Volunteer

Description of Role:  Shieldhall is a historic steamship maintained entirely by volunteer effort. During the summer months the ship cruises the Solent and South Coast where passenger management is primarily the responsibility of the Purser team. However, throughout the year the ship is open for visits and functions alongside the quay in Southampton. The role of the Passenger Care and Hospitality volunteer is to help with safety, security and all of the tasks involved in providing (mainly) alongside events so that passengers/visitors have an enjoyable experience of the ship whilst their safety and the security of the vessel are maintained.

Reporting to:   Chief Steward   

Work Environment:  This role will be undertaken in the unique environment of a passenger carrying coastal vessel built more than 50 years ago. The safety and comfort of passengers is paramount to our operation. The role is not dissimilar to that of a hotel or restaurant customer security/steward but with the added complexity and risk awareness of providing the service on a ship moored alongside the quay.

Physical Demands:  Work place access will involve some climbing of gangway and companionways, work on an open deck, in the galley or shop. Awareness of risk and the ability to work with only minimal supervision is essential.

Sample Tasks:
To assist with setting up for functions.
To ensure safe access to the ship and gangway management of “invited” guests only.
To assist with passenger/visitor management on board.
To support and assist catering and bar staff and help with clearing up and tidiness of the vessel.
To keep up to date with any relevant training.
To keep the Department Head informed of any issues that arise, especially Health and Safety issues.
Other tasks as agreed with the Designated Team Leader

Health and Safety: Your own safety and that of those around you is paramount. Safety equipment is provided according to the task in hand, however, you are responsible for providing your own working gear. 

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