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Paddle Steamer Waverley are getting to a critical stage in recruitment and they are aiming to start in the 3rd week in June and they need to get crew on in 2 weeks time. They have approached Shieldhall and please see the information below from Paul Semple, General Manager at Waverley.

As it stands we have several positions to fill for the coming season – 3 ABs, 7 stewards, 2nd cook and Purser. 

We have an ad online at the moment:

If you know of anyone who might be interested I would be very grateful if you could share this info. It maybe that some folk who crew Shieldhall would be interested in Waverley although I wouldn’t wish to take people away from your pool if you are also struggling with crew. We generally crew for the season but I need to flexible to rotations if that’s all we can get.

Best wishes,


Paul Semple

General Manager | Waverley Excursions Ltd.

Director | Waverley Steam Navigation Co. Ltd.