Home NewsYour Steamship Shieldhall October Edition out now

A warm welcome to the October edition of the magazine. What a busy period it was out on the water once we got started at the end of June. Thankfully, the weather gods meant that we didn’t have to cancel any trips this year or even all huddle together much under cover whilst of course “keeping a respectful distance”.

After a tiring week at Poole for the Bournemouth Air Show, our final weekend is upon us and our attention turns to next year with all that is involved with what is expected to be a major overhaul at the drydock in the spring. You can read more about the drydock plans in the engineers’ report and think about how you can help. I am sure that more details will follow in the next issue but for now, you can donate by clicking the DONATE link on our webpage.

Some photographs of the crew in this issue are courtesy of Maggie Hickish taken on her recent Titanic Trip. We would also like to thank Shieldhall member John Puddy for his article on SS Freshspring.

The final date for any submissions for the next issue is 31 December – but as the saying goes “We Sail On”.

Brian and Mary Davies